Tees Operation Giant Hogweed – About Us

About the Project

Giant hogweed is an invasive non native species that has spread gradually yet relentlessly through the River Tees catchment area since its introduction in the 1800s.

Tees Operation Giant Hogweed will take a holistic, whole catchment approach to managing a catchment wide issue through a process of intelligence gathering, direct action, education and natural site restoration.

Working with local volunteers, community groups and vested interest groups, the project will:

  • Map and remove Giant Hogweed
  • Reverse the loss of biodiversity by re-introducing native flora
  • Restore access and re-establish a safer amenity of great local importance
  • Raise awareness and educate people about Giant Hogweed

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Plants and animals introduced into a place where they do not naturally belong are known as non-native species.

Invasive non-native species are those that may negatively impact:

  • native ecology.
  • the local environment.
  • our economy.
  • human health.

Giant Hogweed is defined as invasive as it:

  • Is native to the Caucasus mountains in south west Russia and Georgia.
  • Has no natural predators and is significantly reducing biodiversity.
  • Is making it difficult and dangerous to access an amenity asset used and enjoyed by local communities, interest groups and visitor groups.
  • Has phototoxic sap that is dangerous and harmful to humans.

Operation Giant Hogweed is fortunate to receive support and funding from the following organisations:

  • National Lottery players and the National Lottery Heritage Fund
  • Postcode Lottery players the Postcode Lottery
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Garfield Weston Foundation

Thank you for your support!

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