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The Tees Rivers Trust

Doesn't look much of a weir until you put Ben in the picture! ... See MoreSee Less

Doesnt look much of a weir until you put Ben in the picture!Image attachmentImage attachment


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Where is this please?

King of the weir!

Ben your braver than me, you wouldn't get me standing near the edge!


The Tees Rivers Trust

What better way to kick off the Autumn term at school, than to take part in our award winning RiverLAB project! The Year 6's at Kirkby and Great Broughton Primary School, have spent the last day and a half being most productive, starting off with an observational graphite/water sketch of Broughton Bridge Beck as it swept past them, in full flow after a night of heavy rain over the North York Moors. We then headed back to the school grounds to study the kick sample Richard provided for us, which was heaving with interesting invertebrates. Lots of Burrowing mayfly nymphs, Flattened mayfly nymphs and even Stonefly nymphs. This was perfect as we were focusing on Riverfly life cycles for this particular RiverLAB funded by the People's Postcode Lottery. By the end of the project everybody had block-printed their own Riverfly life cycle T-towel.
Ideal for spreading the word back at home about these fascinating creatures and their importance for local riverlife.
Well done year 6's your work was carefully observed and fantastically creative!
~Sara C
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River Tees Rediscovered Teesdale Mercury Durham WildlifeTrust Friends of CockerBeck Darlington, Co Durham The Rivers Trust Environment Agency Canal & River Trust North East - Tees Barrage The Northern Echo Tees Valley Wildlife Trust Otter Ahoy! Thanks very much indeed to Phil for sending this clip in, taken on this cracking morning on a Tees tributary.Phil and his daughter Katie helped us electrofish here last year and there is plenty of life in the beck. Full video will be uploaded soon.... ... See MoreSee Less


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Olly Shepherd - this is where you and Rich were last year!

Thats a cracking video.

I saw one at Tees Barrage back in the late 1980s. I have a photo

Fantastic Louise, would be great to see that"

Otter seen early 1980s at Tees Barrage.

Brilliant video wow

Thanks Victoria!

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The footpath at Hutton Rudby is now resurfaced and looks totally different from when we started! ... See MoreSee Less

The footpath at Hutton Rudby is now resurfaced and looks totally different from when we started!


The Tees Rivers Trust

Hutton Rudby works.
The Trust has been busy working on an eroded section of river bank at Hutton Rudby. The section of bank has been eroding following the collapse of a series of steel gabions and this erosion was starting to cause problems with the public foot path that runs along side it. Rather than a hard engineering project the local Parish council asked for our advice on sorting the problem using a softer greener method to re instate the river bank and to carry out repairs to footpath.
Having gained all the relevant consents to carry out the works ( many thanks to Derek Capes who carried out an otter and vole survey for us), works are now under way.
Following the removal of the collapsed gabions, timber piles were installed to re create the line of the river bank, birch bundles were then fixed to these to create a retainer ready for back filling. Stone was first put behind the retainer followed by a layer of tops soil, which will be back planted with mixed grass seed and locally sourced alder saplings.
The footpath is being re surfaced with stone and incorporating a reinforcing mesh to help maintain its stability in the event of any flooding. As you can see from the pictures the mesh is now installed ready for the next layers of stone to be added.
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Brilliant, thank you

Thanks once again, for the hard work & care of the Parish Council.

Wondered what the bundles were! Going to be a great improvement! Thank you!


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The Tees Rivers Trust

Stockton Central Library was the place to be last week at the River Tees Rediscovered Activity day... where we were getting messy and creative with a spot of textile printing. With 8 charismatic fish stamps to choose from this was a great opportunity to chat about the fish which live in the mighty Tees, which is just a stones throw from the library. As you can see, everybody enjoyed getting arty and went home with a lovely permanent textile piece, which could be a napkin, wall hanging or plate mat as well as a happy memory of having fun in the summer holidays!
~ Sara C
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a great activity for all ages