RiverLAB Winter Series 2013/14: Trout in the Classroom

Apart from the fascination of watching trout eggs hatch and grow into tiny fry in your own classroom, the Trout in the Classroom project is a great way to learn how important water quality is to the animals in our rivers.

This programme began in the States 30 years ago, dreamt up by a Canadian teacher and a DFO (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) community advisor. As part of RiverLAB, the Trust is now into its second year collaborating with local schools in the HOT area, providing all the equipment needed, delivering the eggs donated by Northern Trout, and co-ordinating the release of the fry at the end of the project. We’re available to provide any guidance and support the trout carers need along the way, and find this a great way to engage the trout volunteers with this fascinating species, its life cycle and the river habitat.

With this year being the final year of the HOT RiverLAB series, we are now planning the rollout of RiverLAB down-river from Piercebridge to Teesmouth – giving more children the chance to explore and engage with their local Tees tributary. This is part of a much bigger project – the ‘River Tees Rediscovered’, which is funded by the HLF through the RTR Landscape Partnership.

RiverLAB Summer Series 2013: Wire Sculptures and Printmaking

After mapping the river with graphite sticks first, children printed their own unique habitat maps.

Sculpted invertebrates emerged as the children worked the black iron wire, inspired by their observational drawings and creating fantastic models. We even ended up with a few fish sculptures.